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Self Defense for Seniors: The Keychain Alarm

The topic of self-defense for senior citizens can get a bit complicated when the discussion turns to self-defense weaponry. In my opinion, senior citizens make ideal candidates for weapons of non-lethal self-defense. Stun guns, tasers, pepper spray and mace are all wonderfully effective, non-lethal items that can help save a life and at the same time not take on in return. However, I can completely understand one’s hesitation in equipping a senior, or anyone for that matter, with such an item. They are after all potentially dangerous weapons and can cause serious harm is misused. I personally carry pepper spray with me at all times and plan on doing so for the rest of my natural born life but I can understand that everyone may not feel as comfortable carrying a similar product. For these people I have a very simple, cost-effective and reliable alternative to stun devices and defensive sprays, and that alternative is the keychain alarm. acrylic charms

The keychain alarm is, as one would probably guess, an alarm in the form of a small handheld device that can double as a keychain. These alarms are great because they can be every bit as effective as a stun gun or mace without even the smallest risk of injury or death should the alarm be used improperly. How can a small keychain alarm possibly be as effective in deterring an attacker as a stun gun or pepper spray you ask? Well, let’s talk about what the intentions of your average criminal are. One, they want to profit illegally and two, they want to do so without being caught. So let us take a real world example and say you are walking down a dimly lit street and here comes Mr. Mugger to help relieve you of your wallet and jewelry. If you had a keychain alarm you would simply activate the alarm and a 130 decibel alarm would start screeching like all heck. I assure you that 130 decibels is sufficiently loud enough to both scare Mr. Mugger and alert everyone in the vicinity that you are in distress. I would be willing to bet that in more cases than not the attacker would simply turn tail and run for fear of being apprehended.

Many of these alarms come equipped with a flashlight built in which can really make for a useful little device that can come in handy regardless of whether or not it is being used as an actual alarm. And my hope is that you would never need the alarm.

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