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How Social Media Marketing is Used in Corporate America

Social media has transformed the manner in which we relate to the world around us. Social networks have not only enjoyed a groundswell of momentum among the public, but have also bridged the gap between corporations and consumers. A few years ago, many companies had just begun to explore the potential of social media marketing. Today, those companies have taken advantage of video marketing, business blogging services, and other social media strategies that expand their reach into the respective markets.

Below, we’ll describe the many ways in which Corporate America is harnessing the power of social media marketing. You’ll discover that this online marketing strategy complements, rather than replaces, your current advertising efforts.

Building And Supporting Brand Awareness

Consumers are aware of brands on a subconscious level. Through repetitive association, they slowly begin to recognize them. This is one of the reasons many companies are hesitant to allocate their budgets toward building those brands. The impact of branding efforts can be difficult to measure and seldom yield quick results.

Having said that, brand awareness works differently online, especially when promoted through social media marketing. Brands are recognizable to consumers on a more instinctual level. Plus, their impact is more easily measured. A stronger brand attracts a measurable audience through the search engines (via higher rankings) as well as through the social networks.

Injecting A Professional Voice

Companies once maintained an “official” corporate presence through which all forms of communication flowed. Press releases were used to push information to the market. An official spokesperson was appointed and tasked with controlling the message. The goal was to prevent customers from peering behind the public facade.

That “strategy” is less viable today. Corporate America is beginning to realize that customers are more likely to become fans if they can interact with a company’s professional voice. When fans promote company brands, word-of-mouth marketing is unleashed. smm panel

Interacting With Customers

When a company interacts with its customers on a human level, it builds a following. The results might include an explosive growth of followers on Twitter, dedicated fan groups on Facebook, and an assortment of user generated content on other social networks. This leads to increased brand exposure and deepening customer loyalty.

Many companies are using social media marketing and business blogging services to tap directly into their markets. In doing so, they are building platforms from which to engage their customers. They are establishing conversations that raise their top of mind awareness within their market. This level of dialogue influences their market’s perception and encourages customers to promote their brand.

Encouraging Customer Participation

Word-of-mouth advertising is potent like no other marketing strategy. It is often far more effective than print advertising, television and radio spots, and other conventional marketing channels. One of the core strengths of a social media marketing campaign is its ability to encourage customers to spread the word about your company. By maintaining a sincere dialogue, you can convert prospects to customers, and customers to raving fans.

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