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Greenhouse Glazing – Which Is the Perfect Cover for a Greenhouse?

Greenhouse Glazing:

Greenhouse Glazing is the material that covers the greenhouse frame. The term glazing refers to any transparent material, like traditional glass, used to cover greenhouse frames that allow light and retain heat in the greenhouse.

Greenhouse Glazes and Shade Glazing or covering is the most expensive material used in building a greenhouse, and also the most crucial. The greenhouse frame can be made with just about any type of material: wood, aluminum, PVC, galvanized hoops, but the covering allows for the amount of light, and protection that your greenhouse, and plants, will receive.

The most common greenhouse covering materials are:

  • Glass
  • Poly and Plastic Films
  • Polycarbonate
  • Plexiglas

Many new greenhouse glazing materials have emerged in recent years.

In considering different glazing options, it is beneficial to keep the following in mind:

Light Penetration:

Great care must be placed in choosing a glazing material that allows the most light into the greenhouse. It is the solar rays that enter the greenhouse that will allow the greenhouse to retain the heat. If the material does not allow a lot of light into the greenhouse it kind of defeats the purpose.

Ease of Installation:

If one is building their own greenhouse, ease of installation is important to keep in mind. Most of the greenhouse kits that are available should be fairly easy to put together. The ease of installation is, let’s say, pretty easy. But just keep it in mind, for instance glass can be somewhat dangerous to work with if it breaks or shatters, it can also weigh quite a bit. All options should be weighed.

Ease of Repair:

If the glazing material should have some damage, how difficult will it be to repair? Is it a matter of patching the tear, as in polycarbonate or poly film? Or will the whole panel need to be replaced as in glass?

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